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Our Talent Acquisition Platform gives you the power to hire top software and accounting specialists internationally while it solves all employment and HR administration challenges for you. We provide premium employment security, high-quality workspaces, equipment, social benefits, community, training and education to all specialists in our network.


On-demand Talent

Start without upfront costs. Simply Share  your vision with us and we’ll assemble a team of professional consultants – managed on your terms.


Dedicated Teams

We take care of the talent sourcing and all operational specifics, so you can focus on building your product and getting а team up-to-speed quickly in numerous locations across the EU 


Flexible Workforce

We provide a full range of services to help tech organisations of any size to hire, train, grow, and successfully manage remote software teams.

Talent when you need it most

Assemble an experienced

top performing talent

Get started in days – not months - when you are ready to begin innovating. one of our team architects will engage and explore our network of talent. Together, we come up with a lineup that’s fit for your success.

Our Process

Discovery and Planning

You collaborate with one of our experienced team architects to explore and evaluate the setup that works best for your company goals.

Team Assembly

In days or weeks, rather than months, a high-performing team with a solid track record is ready to dive into your project. We guarantee team fit with your goals, which is why we offer a two-week trial period.

Milestone Based Delivery

Your dedicated team estimates the outcomes of each development phase on a monthly basis, so you always know what you’ll get. Dazzle your customers with quick results while staying within your budget.

A Step Further: In-house Team Setup

Recruit, train, run and scale your own in-house team using our signature BOT model.

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